Revisiting Employee Engagement

“Employee Engagement” A buzzword that wont just go away. I am forced to reblog this piece I did sometime in August. Please read and enjoy!


If anyone thinks the term ‘employee engagement’ is a fad and could soon become extinct, its nothing but wishful thinking. The term has dominated discussions and research in the HR world in recent times. Reason for harping on employee engagement is the need to get the best from employees which ultimately contributes to organisational growth. Organisations are faced with the challenges of retaining their best staff and promoting good work ethics amongst their workforce. It can be argued that part of the solution to this recurring dilemma is to engage your employees. This article revisits ways and benefits of engaging talent; invoking good attitudes and behaviour that are desirable in an organisational setting; and a critical analysis of employee engagement.

An attempt to define the term often leaves one frustrated because of its ambiguity. Employee engagement could mean satisfying your employees so that they can happily carry out their job…

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