Some Home Truths

As HR practitioners, we are particular about shaping a workforce that is needed to achieve organisational goals. In the process, we manage and develop the career of other people while we sometimes ignore our own personal development.

The workplace environment is a fast changing one and to keep tabs with the changes, we have to learn and unlearn. Some practitioners never studied Human Resource Management (HRM) in school but only happened to be in the profession by sheer providence.  While a fraction of such people might have gone on to excel, it could be argued that a greater number of them have just moved with the crowd. This is saying that they have just equipped themselves with just the basic skills to remain in HR.

On the other hand, studying HRM or any HR related course in school does not fully equip any HR person with the skills and knowledge required to succeed on the job. HR practitioners are the propagators of Lifelong Learning but hardly do we apply it in our individual capacities. There are several certifications in HR designed to update our knowledge in a volatile business world. Alas, only few make use of these opportunities.

Most of us are comfortable with the tag ‘HR Generalist’ without bothering to deepening our knowledge in a particular branch of HR. While I admit it’s a personal choice, becoming a specialist in Learning and Development or Organisational Development for examples, is good for one’s career development. Take Medicine for instance, most Medical Doctors do not remain as GPs but they go on to specialise as consultants in a chosen field. The same can also be said of other professions like Law and Engineering.

I am not a fan of New Year resolutions but for those that believe in it, 2014 is a new beginning and an opportunity to improve our career. As we draw up our training calendars for the year, we should remember to include HR courses for our own development.

Happy New Year HR folks!

Bashir Mudi Baba can be engaged on Twitter via handle @El_De_Bash


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