The Future of Work

The world of work is increasingly undergoing changes and might take a whole lot of different dimension in the nearest future. Technology has been a major driver of this change and will continue to do so in time to come.

In the United Kingdom for instance, driverless car will go on the roads by 2015 which will

herald tremendous changes to the auto industry and invoke great level of expertise in traffic

Management. The space industry is also another potential income generation sector which

will welcome tourists around the world. These are unprecedented changes happening in

the world we live today. The question we should ask ourselves is ‘how are we galvanising our business for these changes?
A major influence on technological innovation is Man. World population is ballooning and is

estimated to reach 10 billion by 2063 by the United Nations. A large chunk of this number

will constitute the future workforce and they will surely define the nature of work. Working

from home will increase leaving a constricted workspace but an enhanced worklife balance.

It is also hoped that there will be a greater degree of collaboration amongst businesses and

people. This will give rise to enlarge business units backed by massively huge equity.

The current level of mergers and business takeovers will increase. A workforce comprising

of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds is envisaged. Global knowledge is

required to fit into the future workplace and ability to work with people of diverse cultures

shall be an asset. The level of cooperation at governmental levels will also affect the future

of work. If the withdrawal of UK from the European Union materialises as being championed

by some people, it will greatly impaired on movement of skilled labour.

World politics is a major defining factor to every sphere of our existence including work

itself. The current row between Russia and Ukraine on one hand and the ensuing rift

between Russia and NATO on the other is affecting businesses amongst the allied

countries. BP has already warned of the damage any sanctions will have on its business

interests with Rosneft in the kremlin-controlled region. These effects can only be best

imagined than experienced. This feud and other future unrests need to be effectively

managed and controlled to avert any disruption to peoples’ working lives.

The future of work is at best based on conjectures drawn from current happenings in the

workplace and other extrinsic factors. However, the most important thing for businesses is

to have in place a robust talent management strategy that can accommodate future

changes in the workplace.

Please give your thoughts on what you think the future workplace might look like.


I can also be reached on Twitter @El_De_Bash


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