Reports from Employees

It is good work ethic to respond to emails and return calls recorded on voicemail. For job candidates, they expect recruiters to give feedback on their performance at interviews. As Managers, we expect feedback from our team members on assignments given. In general, the workplace is never efficient without adequate and appropriate feedback.

If responses and feedbacks are necessary elements of the workplace, it is disturbing to note that some employees do not render reports after attending learning sessions or conferences paid for by the company. With the increasing requirement by most businesses for HR to justify its strategic importance, not rendering reports of training activities attended by employees will further undermine the significance of the HR department.

The essence of training would have been defeated if an employee returns to work as if he had just stepped out to lit a cigarette and back. It is expected that an in-house session is organised for team members that were not nominated for the training. This is to be facilitated by the returning employee. Consequently, knowledge is transferred across the team and does not remain with one single individual.

The impact of a learning activity can be measured when everybody understands expected outcome and putting into practice what has been learnt. ROI on training interventions has received enormous interest from organisations. This cannot be measured when employees do not render reports on training attended. Having invested in the development of employees, it is only appropriate for companies to be able to measure returns on their investment.

Reports are additional learning resource to every organisation. Employees need to upload reports on company’s portal to make it accessible for all. Do we even have libraries in our organisations? This is a topic for another day. If reports are to be a source of reference within an organisation, it means they should be written in a standardised manner.

HR has a critical role to play in ensuring employees give reports on return from every learning activity. As employees move up on organisational ladder, their mastery of report writing should be topnotch. This needs to be enforced by HR. It is also a way of entrenching leadership traits in an organisation by paving way for employees to learn from one another. Let the journey begin…………………..

Bashir Mudi Baba can be reached on Twitter @El_De_Bash




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