How Gutsy are you in your Job Search?

Desperate times call for desperate measures. This cliché statement is best relevant when you are in the job market. The bills are piling up and your Bank Manager is not ready to grant you additional overdraft. It is like the whole world is going to crash on your head. You have been called up for a couple of interviews but have not succeeded. You are hoping to get some positive feedback from Recruiters.

Rather than live on hope, you need a lot of guts to get out of your predicament. Alfred is a young graduate of Marketing from University of Coventry who advertised himself at the Waterloo Station in London. He did get a job with a Recruiting firm within days of putting himself up. If Alfred had guts, Adam was more daring. He emptied his bank account to put up a bill board ‘begging for a job’. Some people might see this as going to the extreme but I really do not think so.

If you wont tow the line of Adam, have you thought of sending a recruiter an email or adding your interviewer up as a connection on LinkedIn? You can even ask daring questions in an interview. I once did. I was invited for an interview as HR Manager for an NGO that serves as an umbrella body of people with different political persuasions. The pay was good and the working environment serene as I would have loved it but I had my concerns. There were threats to the survival of the organisation which I took up with the panel. The leader of the interview team felt visibly infuriated with my question. The NGO closed shop afterwards.

If you stick to the ground rules of CV writing and other conventional ways of job searching, I wish you the very best. People have sent me unsolicited e-mails to find out if I have a role for them. I have always tried to respond to such e-mails and have even called some for interview. However, other people might find it rude and wont respond to unsolicited mails. It wont hurt a fly, so why not try it.

The job market is a tricky place to be in. Sometimes super credentials are not enough in landing you the dream job. You might have to resort to the use of guts if you have any.


2 thoughts on “How Gutsy are you in your Job Search?

  1. You make a very good point, different organizations will respond to different approaches in varying ways. Some may not mind cold calling, while others will find it incredibly annoying. However, you should still take a risk and really put yourself out there to maximize your chances of finding a job. I write a job seeker and career advice blog, check it out @

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