Download a Copy of HR Book of Blogs

This Time, It's Personnel

Across many units and departments that make up a company, HR department is the most maligned. Even when a situation has nothing to do with HR, we still get the butt. To this end, many HR professionals have gone ahead to correcting misconceptions employees have about their HR.

This has metamorphosed into vibrant HR communities in the online space where blogs, tweets and posts are shared two-four-seven on wide ranging people-related issues in the workplace. Several Social Media platforms are now being used to explain why we do the things we do .

With learning becoming more social and collaborative these days, David D’Souza conceived the idea of pulling together global HRsters to come up with writings for compilation into a book. Spurred by the success and great reviews of Humane,Resourced, he crowdsourced other sixty nine people for a second.

This Time, It’s Personnel is out and it’s selling real fast. Interesting and diverse strands of HR all make the book a must have for everyone. The book reveals how passionate we are about our people and the business. It gives a peek into the future of work and also preaches inclusivity. All the chapters are mouth watering!

More importantly, all the proceeds from the sale will go to charity. I think it is a bold way of showing how much we care. Many thanks to all the contributors and those who worked behind the scene to compilation of the Book of Blogs.

You can download the book here.

Bashir Baba is a contributor to This Time, It’s Personnel and can be reached on @El_De_Bash

 This piece was first published on LinkedIn on Nov 8th, 2014.


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