HR Issues for 2015

It is that time of the year when Santa’s red hat is worn by many of us and a beckoning sign of another year. As we prepare for the yuletide and clear our desks, it is not out of place to remind ourselves of issues that will be in the front burner for 2015.

Tim Sackett has set the ball rolling when he noted that retention will be a major issue for HR in 2015. He went further to describe it as the ‘biggest issue no one is talking about”. I’ll add that there are other issues that will form part of our baggage in the coming year.

As unemployment figures across many countries are readily available, shortage of employability skills does not receive much attention. This is one thing HR professionals and recruiters alike will contend with in 2015. It is one thing to have a pool of applicants and outrightly another to have a pool of employable applicants. Filling up vacancies with candidates who have requisite qualifications and skill-sets wont be a walk through the park in the new year.

If skill-sets are important assets for job applicants, it should also extend to HR people. HR Analytics is sometimes seen as another buzzword and mistaken to be a fad; while financial proficiency is seen as not important to HR. My message to proponents of this school of thought is that Analytics has come to stay. For HR to achieve its strategic importance in the boardroom, our understanding of cash-flow and financial statements need improvement.

I do admit that the issues raised in this blog are by no means exhaustive and might stimulate contrary opinions. I must say that it is for the good of HR profession when we have diverse perspectives to issues. As we countdown to 2015, I am wishing everyone a happy holiday season.

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