Race against Time in the Job Market

The route leading to the labour market is one which we have all taken and is well familiar to most of us. Our experiences may vary but a common theme which describes the job market is its unsavoury nature.

Depending on which side of the market you are, blames are heaped on the other party. Recruiters are always on the receiving and get a lot of bashing from job seekers on one hand while job seekers are seen as not having the right skills and attitude for available jobs from the recruiters’ perspective.

As the blame game goes back and forth, I discovered a unique factor working for or against the two parties. The factor of time is an essential element of the recruiting process which works for or against the recruiter and the job seeker.

Getting a vacant position filled within a given period is vital to any recruiter while job seekers also compete against time to get their applications out in record time. How the two parties react to the time factor may vary but it has a consequential effect on the outcome. Some job seekers do not wait to understand the role being advertised before sending their applications. Employers or recruiters are often overwhelmed by the number of CVs they receive for advertised positions that they sometime come up with wrong fits.

The two key players in recruitment market have devised different means to beat the constraint of time. Job seekers now have ‘customised’ CVs for numerous job roles. This allows them to apply for more than one job at at given time and more importantly beating the deadline. Recruiters on the other hand, are embracing technology to help in filtering through CVs for qualified candidates. It is also a common practice for recruiters to contact only qualified candidates for the next stage of the process. This is all in a bid to save time.

It is however contestable if these time-saving methods have helped the entire recruitment process. Customised CVs might not indicate specific skills required for some particular roles and could hinder candidate’s chances of proceeding to the next stage. Some job applications are quite extensive and require patience and time to get by them; using a customised CV for such applications could jeorpadise the chances of candidates.

Recruiters and employers are not only in the job market to just recruit anybody but to be able to attract a pool of skilled and qualified hands to select from. This can be achieved if job seekers are treated with respect and dignity. Giving critical feedback to all candidates, whether successful or not, makes employers become ’employers of choice’.

Whichever way one looks at it, time is a tricky element in the job market. Consequently, it is important for all players to strike a balance in the race against time. How they achieve this depends on the industry, immediacy or futuristic role, and other important details of the recruitment industry.

Bashir Mudi Baba can be reached on Twitter @El_De_Bash


December: The Season of Temp Jobs

The month of December is always a busy one for the HR unit of most companies. It is the period when workplace activities are reviewed yearlong and manpower planning for the coming year is drawn up. It is also the yuletide season when employees go on vacation to celebrate with families and loved ones. Consequently, vacant positions open up albeit temporarily which leaves the HR unit scrambling for people to fill up the spaces.

In the spirit of the season, companies are also involved in charity activities and other special projects. For most high retail stores, they are always a beehive of activities as shoppers swarm about in search of best deals. In order to cope with the hordes of shoppers, additional hands are always sought during December sales.

December is a month which shoppers look forward to. People have worked hard all through the year and saved up enough money for the holiday season. In order to take advantage of this great opportunity, companies normally embark on massive advertisements and marketing which sometimes take the form of roadshows and other carnival-like activities. Temporary employees are always needed to partake in these events.

It is imperative that job seekers make the best out of these opportunities. Experience acquired from temporary jobs will form part of curriculum-vitae and recruiters are ever keen to hire candidates with work experience. More so, it is a chance of making some quick bucks which could make the holiday season a memorable one. Picking up a new shirt or taking that dream lady out for a dinner won’t be a bad idea.

On several occasions, people who took up temporary jobs have been retained on those jobs. It is unthinkable that young school graduates reject temporary jobs in anticipation of permanent ones that are not forthcoming. How about starting with a temp job and proving your worth. How about putting to use those skills you acquired in school before they go out of trend. Temp jobs pave the way for more permanent ones and should be grabbed at the first opportunity.

Good luck in your job search and wishing you all a happy holiday season.

Bashir Mudi Baba can be engaged on Twitter via @El_De_Bash