Loyalty to Former Employer

In the days of yore, people hardly change jobs. They start from scratch and grow to the pinnacle of their career with one organisation until retirement. This is the meaning people ascribe loyalty to. They breathe and live a particular organisation that they become ambassadors of the brand.

However, ascribing loyalty to longevity in an organisation has often been faulted. The fast paced world we currently live in where skills and knowledge are prized currency has given rise to a war of talent among organisations not only in similar industry but also those with different business orientations. The argument is that all the people changing jobs from one employer cannot be said to be disloyal.

While I do acknowledge that your loyalty should switch to your current employer, some bad-mouth their former employers. Whatever the reason of your changing job is, since you have decided to move on there shouldn’t be any need to disparage your former employer. This to me is being loyal.

A better example of loyalty to me is the ‘no-goal-celebration’ being exhibited by footballers. An unwritten rule where players who score against their former team refuse to celebrate. I saw Cristiano Ronaldo in Madrid’s shirt refusing to celebrate against Manchester United in a Champions League match. Another example is Van Persie respecting his former club, Arsenal when he scored for Manchester United. There are so many players that have displayed this true sense of what I call ‘loyalty’.

Coming back to the business world, I know of people who have helped their former employers in one way or another. Sometimes, the help could be financially rewarding for the former employer. A friend of mine once went to help his former employer on an IT application he had developed while working for them. This was even after the company had given a work reference on him. It was just a way of showing appreciation for being given the opportunity to experiment with his programming skills.

Some would argue otherwise if the circumstances leading to exiting a company were not pleasant. May be that could explain Danny Welbeck’s celebration of a gifted goal against Manchester United last night. Danny is a local lad who rose through the Youth team only to be sold to Arsenal. May be it was a way of making Van Gaal to rue his decision to sell him. I might be wrong though!